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Amtek Scraminal
Item #: AMT-SCR-1
Indoor perimeter control -Automatic sounder.
The Scraminal is used for indoor perimeter control. This device is automatic and sonic. The Scraminal will humanely keep pets out of certain rooms, off the furniture and protect any designated area. It has been proven to work extremely well with cats. This device uses heat and motion sensors to detect pets as they enter off-limit areas. The Scraminal then emits a series of short, high-pitched beeps, which repel your pet and train it to stay away. The unit automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion.

Scraminal Covers a Large Area
Scraminal can detect your pet up to fifteen feet away and effectively covers a 10' by 3' area. You can position Scraminal for spot coverage of furniture, plants, rooms, carpets or drapery.

The Scraminal Can Avert Danger
Scraminal can protect your pet in dangerous areas like the kitchen. Many cats like to snooze on a warm stove when you're not there to shoo them off. Scraminal can train pets to stay away from dangerous areas like stoves, appliances, balconies, machinery or open entry ways. The sound does not harm your pet at all. Safe to use around children, too. Sound is audible to humans.

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